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Thursday, July 12, 2007
You likely heard about the uproar over Ann Coulter's "fag" comments back in March and her "terrorist" wish in June, both in reference to John Edwards. Nevermind the fact that both were intended as jokes aimed at the media and its hypocrisy and double standards and NOT at John Edwards. Whatever the case, somehow I doubt you will hear any mention of this Nobel Peace Prize laureate's lament this week that she couldn't kill President Bush. This is at least the second time this despicable woman has publically wished to kill Bush; both times she got a standing ovation, the first of which was by a bunch of schoolchildren in Australia.

So, to follow the leftist media's logic (if you pardon the expression), it is ok for a PEACE PRIZE winner to want to kill the leader of the free world but it is about the worst thing ever to joke about the political correctness of a homosexual "slur." It's a mad mad mad mad world in which we live.


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