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Monday, April 23, 2007
Recite this little ditty:

"One wipe instead of three
will save humanity"

That's basically what Sheryl Crow is now proposing to stop global warming.
"I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting."
Crow also... thinks paper napkins "represent the height of wastefulness".

She has designed a clothing line with what she calls a "dining sleeve". The sleeve is detachable and can be replaced with another "dining sleeve" after the diner has used it to wipe his or her mouth.
Is it just me, or is each new idea more insane than the last? Of course, what she doesn't realize about cloth sleeve napkins is that they require washing and washing requires hot water which requires energy most likely in the form of gas and electricity. Not to mention drying them. Then again, perhaps she intends on going down to the river and washing them by hand and then line-drying the "dining sleeves."

No wonder Lance Armstrong broke up with Ms. Crow... she's losing her mind.


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