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Sunday, September 12, 2010
Greg Boyd, he of Open Theism fame, wrote a blog post yesterday which gives a hint to where his doctrine is leading him. And it ain't pretty. When someone slips into serious theological error, it seems like it isn't long before that error is merely the tip of the iceberg. I wouldn't be surprised if I heard Boyd preaching some deep heresy within the next five years, if he is so unable to discern the difference between good teaching and spiritual death now. May God pull him from that path.


PB said...

Which hint are you referring to?

Darius said...

That he views the Emergent church (particularly the Pagitt/McLaren crowd) as being leaders on the forefront of Christianity in this country, rather than leaders of an anti-Gospel movement. If he can't even tell the difference with something that easy, how can he be trusted to teach Christians anything? It's bad enough that he denies God's sovereignty, now he's teaming up with those who deny most of the Gospel.

Anonymous said...

"We came from very different backgrounds, represented many different traditions and held significantly different theologies"

Kind of an important point.... You can talk with people you don't necessarily agree with. Doesn't mean you think the same things.

Darius said...

Hmm, the Apostle Paul wouldn't agree with Greg here. It's one thing to discuss Christianity with those who have honest questions... but let's not kid ourselves, Pagitt and McLaren are WAY past honest questioning. And the New Testament gives pretty clear instruction how to handle those folks... and it doesn't involve letting them think that they are part of the forefront of Christianity. Boyd is in his deepest error yet because this involves people's souls, and by not showing any smidgen of discernment, he has made them just a little more a child of hell than previously because his presence and affirmation of them as Christian leaders has strengthened their view that they are the vanguard of Christianity.

Darius said...

The issue here is not shunning them or their ideas because we don't have "open minds" or because we don't want to associate with them. The issue is their souls. They need to be turned over to Satan for "the destruction of their flesh" (as Paul would say) so that their souls may be saved. If they have Christians saying things like Greg about how we differ on theological issues but are both on the forefront of the Christian movement, that is affirmation of their views. Extremely deadly and unloving.

marusha said...

Keep up the good fight brother! You're not alone.

anselm13 said...

I think this is a good example Darius of what I was driving at in my question to you at Tony's blog. I think the number of individuals and denominations/movements in Christianity that I find acceptable, you would, on the other hand, find heretical and worth drawing lines of exclusion. I wish there were a way to have fierce ongoing discussions over matters we deem crucial (not just the secondary issues you mention), while still having some decent latitude in whom we deem Christian brethren. I have no resolution to this problem and I'm not hoping for the disappearance of critical distinctions, I just wish something like affirmation of the Nicene creed might be a starting point for fellowship, communion, and respect at least.

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