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Monday, March 09, 2009
I found this to be particularly challenging. I'm convicted this morning that many times I don't fight temptation or repent of sin like I should, like this man does.
Yesterday, I was talking to a few people in my office, and one of the women mentioned that she has a belly button ring; then she pulled up her shirt to show it to everyone present. Not good. I could feel my desires immediately pull me.

I went back to my desk and repented. I repented and pleaded with God for help again this morning during my QT, and then some more on my way into work. Once I got to work, I sat in the car for an additional 15 minutes fighting it.

I thought about what would happen if my lustful thoughts played themselves out to the extreme, in terms of the consequences that would follow... It made me sick to my stomach.

Then I thought about the joy I have in a loving relationship with my wife, and how excited I am to praise God in sharing with others whenever things are going well.
I meditated on Jesus on the cross crying out to his father, asking why he has forsaken him. Answer: My adulterous heart.
I hate sin. I hate my fallen nature. I hate Satan.

I love the Gospel. I love the the thought of heaven. I love Jesus.

Please pray that I would continue to battle.
Amen for us all!


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